Two Easy Choices

The Landline Option

This is a great option for those who live where cell reception is spotty. If there is an active landline phone jack in the home, the base station simply connects to that jack and to a phone, and the system is active. This option provides coverage in the house and close by.

If the user is often in the yard or nearby, we recommend getting the Two-Way Voice system. This ensures better communication outside the house.


* Belle - $39.99 Per Month
* Caretaker - $29.99 Per Month

The Cellular Option

Cellular technology – just like in phones – enables users to have instant access to assistance anywhere at home or in the United States. (Users don’t have to have a cell phone.)

Added features include the ability to use GPS to locate the person wearing the device, as well as fall detection technology which can be useful for fall-prone individuals.


* Belle + with GPS and fall detection - $49.99 Per Month
* CareTaker Sentry with Two-Way Voice - $39.99 Per Month

No Contracts are Required. All Systems Have a $49 Activation Fee