Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does it work?

A:The camera uses a thermal imager (heat sensor) to detect small differences in temperature, collecting infrared radiation information from objects within a scene. An optical sensor captures visual information as well, providing contextual information and a starting point for contact tracing. The equipment allows for the deployment of technology that monitors the skin temperatures of humans via a thermal camera, and it generates a customizable alert or notification when an elevated skin temperature is detected. These alerts can take the form of an audible message, an alarm or an app or email notification.

Q: What is the equipment?
A:: There are three options: a high-volume unit, a low-volume unit, and a hand-held unit. The high volume unit -- or thermal temperature monitoring equipment -- typically encompasses a hybrid thermal camera (optical & thermal camera) with a blackbody calibration device to maintain a customizable constant temperature in the screening area as a reference point, a network video recorder (NRV) and a monitor. The camera uses a thermal imager (heat sensor) to detect small differences in temperature, collecting infrared radiation information from objects within a scene. An optical sensor captures visual information as well, providing contextual information and a starting point for contact tracing. The low-volume unit can be deployed as a stand-up kiosk or as a wall mounted or desktop unit. The handheld monitor is-as the name implies-held by an individual and annually pointed at a presenting person.

Q: : How is equipment installed?
A:: The equipment can be deployed in either mobile or permanent installation scenarios. We typically recommend that the equipment is installed on tripods and rolling carts until both the client and Vermont Security technicians are comfortable that the screening area is appropriately established. The kiosk or low-volume solution is typically set in an entryway or lobby and either bolted to the floor or installed on a heavy-but movable-mount pad.

Q: : Can you monitor more than one person at a time?
A:There are several solutions depending upon the application and volume of individuals you want to check within a period of time. Our high-volume application works great in hospital entrances, employee entrances, schools, large manufacturers, big box stores, and entertainment venues. Our low-volume application and hand-held solution would be suitable for doctors/dentist office, restaurants, lodging accommodations, dorm and office buildings.

Q: Can the technology read a temperature with someone wearing a mask?
A:Yes, it can also obtain a temperature from someone wearing a mask, hat and helmet.

Q: What other infrastructure requirements are needed to deploy this technology?
A:: We typically suggest installing the equipment on tripods to ensure the equipment and screening space is doing its job. You may find that you need traffic stanchions depending on the volume of people you're monitoring at a given time. We also found that good signage is necessary. A thorough communications plan should be established so the public understands what's going on and how their temperature information is being used.

Home Security

Q: How much does a home security system cost?

A:Our most popular option is the Basic Plan which provides residential security for five exterior doors, a motions sensor, a sireen, a backup battery and cellular/radio communication to your fire department and police station. Please click here for more information.
Q: What happens when my home security alarm is activated?

A:The central station (insert "call center" instead?) is notified and you will receive a phone call to verify there is an emergency. If no one answers the police or fire department is dispatched.

Q: How far would you travel to install a security system? (REPLACE WITH: What is Vermont Security's service territory?)

A:: Our residential plans service the entire state of Vermont. We offer commercial plans in New Hampshire, Maine, parts of Massachusetts and New York.

Q: : How long does it take to install a security system?

A:You can anticipate a typical residential installation to take between two and four hours, but commercial or more complex residential systems can take a full day.

Q: How soon can I get an appointment for installation?

A:: We have highly trained technicians that we dispatch on a first come first serve basis. We do our best to meet the needs of each and every one of our clients.

Home Security Pics

Medical Alert

Q: What is the cost of medical alert technology? And do we have to sign a contract?

A:We believe we offer one of the most affordable and flexible personal emergency response systems (PERS) on the market today. No, there is no contract requirement, you simply choose how frequently you wish to make your installments, monthly or quarterly. There is a discount for annual payments and a pro-rated refund is issued should you choose to cancel your service. You may cancel service at any time without penalty. Click here for more information about pricing.

Q: Is the Medical Alert Technology (PERS) wearable? And are they waterproof?

A:The PERS technology that we offer is wearable. Simply clip it to your belt or wear it as a pendant. We offer technology that is water resistant and waterproof. Vermont Security technicians will work with you to select the best option.

Q: What features are offered? (i.e. fall detection and GPS tracking)

A:We offer technology solutions that provide for tracking from your smartphone. One of our highly trained technicians will be happy to discuss these features with you.

Q: How long will a battery last?

A:We recommend that most devices should be charged daily, however technology is advancing and we anticipate devices that will hold a charge for as long as 30 days.

Q: Who and how does someone get notified if the user engages the ALERT?

A:: Emergency services are engaged if none of the contacts on the list can be reached. You may select who gets contacted and in what order or priority. This service is available 24/7. Our technicians will walk you through appropriately setting this feature up.

Q: Does the PERS (Medical Alert Technology) work outside of my house?

A::Yes, we offer a cellular medical alert device that can be used beyond the walls of your home.

Q: : Is there support/training available to explain how to use Medical Alert technology?

A:Yes, we provide tutorials at our office located on Rivers Street in Montpelier or we can come to your home. None of our competitors (Lifeline, DirectAlert, LifeAlert) do not offer this same level of service.

Q: What is its range?

A:The CareTaker Sentry works anywhere inside your home. The CareTaker Sentry with two-way voice can be used in your home and in the yard and immediate surrounding area.
The Belle and Belle+ work anywhere in the US where there is a cellphone signal.

Q: How long does the battery last on the medical pendant?

A:We recommend the battery for the Belle+ be charged everyday, but it will last from 3 to 5 days. However, we are in the process of phasing in new Belle+ technology with AT&T and Verizon LTE that has a battery that lasts up to 30 days on one charge! The CareTaker pendant has a rechargeable battery that will tell you when it needs to be charged.

Q: How hard is it to set up the medical alert device?

A:The Belle and Belle+ simply need to be charged using any electrical outlet. The CareTaker systems plug into your existing landline phone and the setup is not usually difficult for our customers, but it depends somewhat on the type of landline you have. Our technicians can install the equipment for you free of charge if you live in the Barre or Montpelier area. We can also install the equipment elsewhere in Vermont for a $49 fee.

Q: Can you designate who gets notified?

A:Yes. You choose who is notified and in what order. You can choose family members, friends, or neighbors. Emergency services are engaged if none of those contacts can be reached.

Q: Can I get help 24/7?

A:Yes. You will get a response anytime you activate the call signal.

Q: Is there a contract?

A:No, there are no contracts. You can pay by the month or the year and you can stop using your system at anytime with no penalty.

Q: Does it have fall detection?

A:Yes, the Belle + has that feature.

Q: Does it have gps tracking and location?

A:Yes, the Belle+ has those features which allows others to load an app on their smartphone which enables tracking. Tracking is also possible with a web connection and by texting.

Q: Can I pay in advance?

A:Yes, paying for a year in advance gives you a discount. And we refund any money not used if you discontinue service before the year is up.


Q: Home much does a smart thermostat system cost?

A:Vermont Security installs thermostats that can be programmed to control your home's heating and cooling needs. The technology allows you to control the thermostat remotely by adjusting settings from internet-connected devices (laptops and smartphones). This functionality is essential for reducing your energy costs when you're at home or away from home. The technology has a cellular-based hub so you are always connected whether or not your power or internet is working. Click here for pricing information.

Q: Will a "Smart Home" prevent fire damage?

A:The technology that Vermont Security deploys provides several fire ways to detect fire and immediately alert you and the fire department. Depending on the application you choose, they may even prevent a fire before it starts. Our devices can pick up traces of smoke and heat in the air.

Q: What about freezing or flooding damage?

A:We offer several solutions to protect your home from water and ice damage. The smart thermostat features low-temp sensors that are monitored by our call center. Should a low temp be detected you will be notified. Flood sensors can detect water on the floors or in cabinets where sensors are positioned and notify you and you can add technology that will automatically shut off the valve connected to the water main if you'd like that feature.


Q: How can a Vermont Security system keep you business safe?

A:Vermont Security provides appropriate security signage, statistics show that a visible security system, that is one that external people are aware exists, serves as a terrific deterrent to potential intruders. Our systems can be deployed so that your police department will be dispatched should the alarm system be triggered.

Q: Does the Vermont Security technology offer remote employee management?

A:: Yes, with our unique user code management system, smart-access control and video surveillance, you will have access to irregular within your activity in real-time. The system also tracks those individuals entering and exiting your palace of business.