Frequently Asked Questions

Home Security

Q: How much does home security system cost?

A:Our most popular option is a basic plan that provides residential security for five exterior doors, a motion sensor, a siren, a backup battery and cellular/radio communication to fire and police services. The installation and hardware is free with a 36-month monitoring agreement as low as $35.99 per month.

A standalone video doorbell, with no other system attached to it is $350 installed. A smart lock is $350, installed, if you have an existing deadbolt. If you don't, the door needs to be prepped, which usually costs around $90. And, for smart thermostats, we charge $299 installed.

If you wish to add more features and equipment, you can find more information in our price list.

Q: What happens when my home security alarm is activated?

A:The central station is notified and will attempt to contact you by phone and, if you have the interactive features, you'll also receive text and email notifications. If you are not home or don't answer their call, they will dispatch the police or fire department.

Q: How far would you travel to install a security system?

A:We cover the entire state of Vermont . We'll even set up systems outside of Vermont, provided you're within 75 miles of Montpelier.

Q: How long does it take to install a home security system?

A:In general, it takes about two to four hours to install a basic setup, and we can typically set up more complex residential or commercial security systems in one day.

Q: Can you come today?

A:We can often show up on the same day you call us, and we offer Saturday appointments as well.


Q: How much does it cost to get medical alert technology?

A:There are no upfront costs. Our free devices are provided through a lease program, and monthly fees range between $29.99/mo to $49.99/mo, You can use the device as long as you need to, and we don't otherwise charge you anything if you return the device in good working order.

Q: Is the medical alert system wearable?

A:Yes. Our wearable medical alerts provide personal emergency response inside or outside your home. Our devices can be clipped to a belt clip, or worn as a pendant. We have medical alerts that are waterproof, feature fall-detection. We even have a medical alert that operates as a functioning wristwatch.

We also have fully waterproof devices available. All of our water-resistant and shower-proof medical alert devices can handle some water, but they shouldn't be submerged for long periods of time.

Q: Does the medical alert system work outside my house?

A:We offer cellular medical alert emergency devices for outside the house. These devices provide security with wireless monitoring wherever cellular and wi-fi services are available. You can also use a mobile alert button on your wearable device to receive emergency assistance.

Q: What if I have a questions about my medical alert system?

A:We provide tutorials in our office or in your home, which is a service you can't get from other national providers like Lifeline, DirectAlert or LifeAlert. Come to our offices on 34 Barre Street and talk to one of our representatives, and they will get you straightened away.


Q: How much does a smart thermostat system cost?

A:We install smart thermostats that can be programmed to control your home's heating and air conditioning for $299. These thermostats allow users to control the thermostat remotely by adjusting heating settings from other internet-connected devices, such as a laptop or a smartphone. This functionality and ease of use is essential for reducing your energy costs, whether you are home or away.
There is a $10/mo subscription fee with the thermostat, and that includes as many thermostats as you need. The thermostat has a cellular-based hub, so you're always connected to the thermostat, regardless of whether or not your power or internet is working.

Q: How can "smart homes" prevent fire damage to my home?

A:Our home alarm systems use several ways to detect fire and immediately alert you.

Using photoelectric and heat sensors, our fire alert devices can pick up traces of smoke and heat in the air. They can detect both high temperatures (at 135 degrees), and rapid temperature changes (of 10 degrees within 60 seconds). They can also prevent fires before they start. Most house fires smoulder for an average of 2 to 24 hours before a flame happens. Our systems detect trouble before a flame even occurs, and can send alarms to the homeowner, neighbors and the fire department.

Q: How about freezing and flooding prevention?

A:Our smart home automation program features several ways to protect your home from water and ice damage. Our smart thermostats feature low-temperature sensors that are monitored by our central station, who will call or text to alert you that the temperature is below an acceptable threshold, making sure your pipes don't freeze unexpectedly.

Your smart home's flood sensors can detect water on the floor in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, utility rooms and under sinks. If water is detected while you aren't home, you'll receive automatic calls, texts and emails. There's even an automatic water shut-off valve connected to the water main that will shut off the valve if our sensors pick up a leak, finding and solving the problem immediately.


Q: How can a Vermont Security system keep my small business safe?

A:When your business has a visible security system, intruders tend to stay away. Vermont Security has an excellent reputation, so when criminals see our signs and stickers, they steer clear. Our video surveillance solutions are also a strong deterrent: Intruders know they're on camera and there would be video evidence of them committing a crime. They also know that the police will be immediately dispatched if they receive an alarm from one of our systems.

Q: How much does video surveillance for my business cost?

A:Our most popular security packages cost $59.99/month. We offer subscription options that feature cheaper upfront costs and free equipment, as well as non-subscription packages. We build our surveillance models around your exact specifications, so whether you're looking for basic protection or more advanced security like high-end tripwires, facial recognition technology or license plate capture, we can service your needs.

Q: Does Vermont Security offer remote employee management?

A:With our unique user code management system, smart-access control and video surveillance, you will always have real-time awareness of any irregular activity in your place of business, including who is coming and going, and when.



A:Yes, all systems have a wearable pendant that can be used around the neck or placed in a purse, pocket or pouch.


A:These systems are water resistant. They can be worn in the shower, but should not be submerged in water.


A:The CareTaker Sentry works anywhere inside your home. The Caretaker Sentry with Two-Way Voice can be used in your home and in the yard and immediate surrounding area.
The Belle and Belle+ work anywhere in the US where there is a cellphone signal.


A:We recommend the batteries be charged everyday, but batteries will last from 3 to 5 days.


A:Very easy. The CareTaker systems plug into your existing landline phone. The Belle and Belle+ simply need to be charged using any electrical outlet.


A:Yes. You choose who is notified and in what order. You can choose family members, friends, or neighbors. Emergency services are engaged if none of those contacts can be reached.

Q: IS IT 24/7?

A:Yes. You will get a response anytime you activate the call signal.


A:No, there are no contracts. You can pay by the month or the year and you can stop using your system at anytime with no penalty.


A:Yes, the Belle + has that feature.


A:Yes, the Belle+ has those features which allows others to load an app on their smartphone which enables tracking. Tracking is also possible with a web connection and by texting.


A:Yes, paying for a year in advance gives you a discount. And we refund any money not used if you discontinue service before the year is up.